Les Délices des Quatre Saisons

My latest work is an expression of my experience in my native Dominican Republic where poverty is at every corner and every turn. I painted ordinary moments in the life of my people, that regardless of the extreme deprivation they may endure, they face every day with hope and an incredibly Joie de vivre.

My subjects are barefoot children playing in the street or working to be able to eat.

My subjects are entire families riding in a single motorcycle being able to laugh at their own circumstances and wave to people passing by.

My subjects are full of beauty, full of grace.

More than show my subjects as I see them, I seek to portrait them with dignity, as human beings trying to do their best to make their way in the world. I hope to be able to show the beauty, the humanity, of all the children and families I encounter. More than this, I strive to depict them with compassion and empathy.

In my work I explore the simplicity of line in contrast with texture, in some of my pieces I used found objects like the toile wall paper I used as background of some of my pieces these help me to make an statement about social inequality.